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ANNOUNCEMENTVOL. III Italian Song Texts By Martha Gerhart is Available

By Martha Gerhart

This book completes the series of three volumes of Italian song texts in the Leyerle 
format of original text, literal word-for-word translation, idiomatic translation, and 
IPA transliteration.  It also features explanatory notes when an Italian word is unusual
or archaic, and brief biographies of each composer.

Volumes I and II of the ITALIAN SONG TEXTS contain the song texts from the 17th and 18th centuries, respectively. (See our Song Text section of this website for the specific details on these books). Professor Gerhart has now completed volume III, which contains Italian song texts from the 19th and20th centuries. 

The original intention of this staggering project was to produce a volume (or maybe two) containing virtually every available * Italian song text from the Baroque through the Contemporary eras. Since the intention proved impossible, the project is now complete in three volumes. 

The purpose of this series is to enable a student to find the text, IPA and a good English translation of virtually any [published] song in Italian which his/her teacher may assign. If a reader finds a song title or text for which he/she would like to locate the music, he/she can refer to the list of numbered sources provided for each song.
Printed at the top of each text is the number of the source from which it was copied; 
the reader can then refer to the list of numbered sources at the back of the book to 
locate the music.  In other words, a student can find the music, the text, IPA, and 
translation of virtually any published (i.e. available*) song text in Italian.

*Availability means not only finding all these songs, but getting permission to use those texts still protected by copyright. In some cases, we expect permission will not be granted, particularly for some of the more contemporary poems. And in some cases, a reasonable amount of time may not allow us to find the grantors of this permission.

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